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Her desire to escape, while primal and strong, was beginning to wane in the face of obvious hopelessness. Then came the enforced chastity. Her pussy was locked away in a steel belt and padlocked. She was uncuffed for long periods and left in a small, dark room. To be unrestrained, and yet still not free. After a week of this, she was almost delirious with need. The next tortures were far worse for her. Some were tied down and forced to cum over and over again. Others were roughly fucked by multiple male partners. Some were simply put in front of her and handed a vibrator.

But through all of it, through the dozens of orgasms she witnessed, all she received was a feather dancing on her clit to keep her company. But this was different. She had been led from her cell and strapped down to a familiar bondage table. Immediately she began to panic, the remaining shreds of her will fighting against her position. Her captor had none of it, bolting her in place and clamping a tight gag through her teeth to stifle her screams of protest. He patted her cheek before moving over to a push cart of implements, returning with a vibrator. He stuffed it into her cunt without preamble.

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